[Marxism] Green nazis

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat May 5 08:45:00 MDT 2012

I'll try once more to suggest that this subject, like any, is
disserved when we smudge ideas into practices, words into deeds.

American right-wing couch potatoes say all sorts of things, but that
doesn't make them Nazis, "neo-" or otherwise.  Most of us who live and
work in the real world in the US or elsewhere in the western world do
so alongside people who regularly spew pig ignorant ideas and assert
dehumanizing assumptions about other people.  Mostly, their assertions
are derivative and drawn selectively from the mass culture.  Fox News
is an open sewer of this sort of thing.

Books and papers on such "ideas" put no real dent into their mass
appeal.  I also suspect that these mostly serve to reinforce a sense
of social and intellectual superiority over "the rabble."

Violent, repressive action draws the line between a Nazi and the
stardard right-wing couch potato watching the idiot box.

There are genuine, violent groups of cowardly thugs out there who
actually target and phsycially brutalize gays, the homeless, blacks,
hispanics, or any designated others.  This is where "Nazi" politics
performs its distinctive function.


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