[Marxism] Green nazis

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Sat May 5 16:02:02 MDT 2012

What Mark Lause says about Nazis is important. 

'Violent, repressive action draws the line between a Nazi and the standard right-wing couch potato watching the idiot box.

'There are genuine, violent groups of cowardly thugs out there who actually target and physically brutalize gays, the homeless, blacks, hispanics, or any designated others.  This is where "Nazi" politics performs its distinctive function.'

To me it is this mass action or attempts at mobilizing sections of society that distinguishes the Nazis in their pre-power days from other reactionaries. That doesn't mean inactive reactionaries can't get off the couch and become active, but it does make it imperative to build a working class and militant response to the Nazis whenever they attempt to mobilise, eventually to become an alternative, class, pole of attraction for working people.

Of course the mass mobilization is sometimes open, sometimes hidden so that means we often have to glean from their ideas and talk about actions what they intend. They are still Nazis even if they haven't been able to mobilise a mass movement of thugs around their melange of extreme right wing ideas yet.

John Passant


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