[Marxism] Green nazis

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Sat May 5 16:42:08 MDT 2012

that's only because the technology didn't exist at that time to carry
out such schemes, not due to a lack of malice.  In fact I read
somewhere that these  Eugenics characters went to a Congressional
committee in the late 1920s with a plan eerily familiar to that the
Nazis put into place, but more broadly aimed at Eastern and Southern
European immigrants.  Given the experience with poison gas in World
War 1, the idea arose of containing that in "chambers" to carry out
executions and mass "liquidations".  So these guys had this plan all
worked out, internment camps with gas chambers located with rail
access where these folks could be transported en masse from all over
the country.  The reaction of some of those on the committee?  Moral
outrage?  No, like where did you knuckleheads think we're gonna get
the money to pay for this hair brained scheme?  Mechanized genocide is
all well and good in theory, but we've got budget problems right now.

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> Not on the same page of evil, not even close. The Nazis imagined a whole state machinery built just for the sake of the death of millions, and then set about constructing it. The evil done to the American Indian is more on the scale of the Hebrews wiping out the Malachites---and who remembers them?
>> "The most frightening the about the Nazis is not only that no one had done what they had ever done before; it is that no one had ever IMAGINED such evil could be done."---Hannah Arendt
> "Look what was done to the American Indians, what was done to the Armenians. Nobody cared."---Adolf Hitler

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