[Marxism] KKE on the Greek electioins

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Mon May 7 18:18:15 MDT 2012


Love this 'analysis':

"As the results show up to this point the KKE had a small increase. Of
course we would have liked a bigger one. Nevertheless, I have to say that
the CC and the party as a whole had no illusions that the votes of the KKE
could increase exponentially because the performance of the KKE in the
elections is above all related to the formation not only of a militant
people's movement but to the formation of a powerful majority current that
will be emancipated from the well-known dilemmas but also from the
regenerated illusions."

Translation:  "We had no illusions that we would ever view the massive
split from the PASOK to the left, on an determined antiausterity basis, as
a huge opening for our party.  Because opposition to the policies of the
Troika is the 'regeneneration of illusions'".

The substance of the article concerning a supposed call for a government of
the Left is a red herring, as the article itself makes clear, as there are
not the vote in the parliament.  What they are really opposed to is what is
now on the agenda: a united front of Left opposition to whatever government
takes shape, and an offensive against the rising neo-fascists.

Third Periodism run amok in Weimar Greece!


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