[Marxism] Why don't Americans rise up?

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Mon May 7 21:49:53 MDT 2012


>From David Berger: Just a question, Tristan. Did you bring up the question of "campaigning against" 

or was it in the air? I know in Occupy Wall Street, the issue of Obama has come 

up but just barely so far. I'm sure as the election approaches, it will surface, 


Since the day-to-day activities of OWS, union and community work, are so far 

removed from anything the DP is engaged in, the issue is more of less moot. My 

theory is that the new organization that has emerged in the last month 99% 

Power, is a MoveOn/DP front to make an approach to, lure and disempower the 

Occupy movement.

>From Tristan Sloughter: I brought it up. And with in mind what would begin to happen once the

campaign between Obama and Romney truly begins, as well as 99% Power.

And yeah, the day to day here (Evanston) is related to foreclosures,

NATO preparation, fighting for a public school for a segregated

neighborhood, divesting the cities tax money from JPMorgan Chase, tuition

hikes and organizing new people.

I think it is important to make clear that fighting the 1% is fighting

Obama. And if it isn't done early enough the more likely a MoveOn/DP front

will disempower any attempt to make this happen and to improve

radicalization, effect the international debate during the race and ever

hope for a third party to grow.

Occupy could do even better than '68 or 2000 in protesting the DNC. Occupy

could rally people to protest Obama campaign rallies, fundraisers to push

the debate and stand up for a real movement against the 1% -- capitalism.

Ugh, I lost my train of thought but I know I had another point/idea I

wanted to make... But will stop here for now.


>From David Berger: When you say "fighting the 1% is fighting Obama," you are right. 

But then the question comes up: How do we fight Obama? Your answer is: "protest Obama 

campaign rallies, fund raisers to push the debate and stand up for a real movement against

the 1 -- capitalism" And when you say this, you have just put your foot into the bear trap.

You agreed that the standard activities of your group in Evanston are: "[fighting against] forecolusres, NATO 

preparation, fighting for a public school for a sgregated neighborhood ... ." 

All good, especially when you begin to get involved with labor work. But the point is that all of 

these activities are outside the bounds of the DP. As soon as you show up at their rallies and 

events to debate, on their turf, you are in their kind of politics, not ours. The way to fight the 1%,

and Obama, is to stick to what we do best, and let them hang themselves, without our help. We should

always to open to dialog with people who have illusions about Obama. And public debate with MoveOn, etc., 

will probably be fruitful, depending on the context. But the last thing we want is some kind of a repeat

of Chicago '68. What we need is a repeat of all the activities that led up to last week's May Day marches, but

on a larger, more coherent and ever more militant scale.

David Berger

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