[Marxism] The PhD now comes with food stamps

Sun Eagle suneagle79 at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 10:25:56 MDT 2012


This is, alas, an old story that could have been written in the 1970s.


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The Ph.D who winds up living near poverty is a hardy perennial, I agree with you, but never has the job market for Ph.Ds in the humanties been as bleak as today, when universities are OPENLY dedicated to being adjuncts of big business, as opposed to "opening minds and forming citizens." I took my Ph.D, and obtained a tenure-track job, circa 1990, just before the "Bush recession" hit. After that, colleges and universities started downsizing and outsourcing, i.e., hiring adjuncts and other part-timers, at an unprecented scale. The recession was just an excuse to put into practice what many universities had wanted to do all long, viz. remodel themselves as corporations. (Of course, they always were corporations, but now they told their faculty and students this was the new paradigm.) As I've told many a colleague, "The humanties, especially history, have returned to their roots---a pursuit open only to ladies and gentlemen of leisure a la' Gibbon, or, to
 those grad. students willing to go into debt peonage."

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