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SYRIZA's ally???!!!

KKE on the election
"The election results definitely show a reversal of the political scene we
were familiar with, the interruption of the rotation of the two parties,
PASOK and ND. We are moving into a transitional phase where there will be
an attempt to create a new political scene with new formations, new figures
with a centre-right orientation or *based on a new social democracy that
will have SYRIZA at its core, aimed at preventing the rising radicalism of
the people* that would lead things towards a true overthrow in favour of
the people. There will be an attempt to form a government either from these
elections or from the elections to follow, a government made up of all
parties, or a government of national unity, or a coalition government *aimed
precisely at preventing the creation of a majority current that will
struggle for change*....
....we would like to answer once again the proposal that SYRIZA repeated
after the elections concerning a government of the left. We will answer
clearly without invoking what we can all see, namely that the votes and the
seats are not sufficient. Maybe SYRIZA thinks they are enough, as it will
try to gain support and votes from MPs of all the other parties. We clarify
our position: *we continue to say no to the cooperation* because in the
final analysis we have not come to this no position according to our high
or low expectations regarding the results of the elections."

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> The Marxist.org review of Greek elections talks in detail
> about the votes won by SYRIZA, but would not  talk about the
> votes won by SYRIZA’s ally the KKE...

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