[Marxism] Further on the KKE

Mike Hogan falparsi at gmail.com
Tue May 8 13:38:44 MDT 2012

>From the comments on Louis' favourite UK Labourist site, Socialistunity,
http://www.socialistunity.com/hollande-wins-french-presidency/#comments I
find the following by Nick Wright who explains what I was trying to say
more succinctly:

"Much of the new electoral support for Syrizia and the Democratic Left is
defecting Pasok voters.
The KKE calculate that the support for Syrizia and the Democratic Left will
fragment when it becomes clearer that Greek integration in an economic bloc
dominated by capital, especially German capital, cannot be reconciled with
their anti-austerity rhetoric.
And* it is extremely unlikely that many Greek communists think that this
crisis will be resolved by the election of a parliamentary majority of any
kind*...The KKE simply refuse to pander to the illusions of people who
switched support from parties that support the memorandum to those that
oppose it rhetorically but have no concrete plan for challenging the very
real power of the forces that will impose its conditions.
This is a situation of profound crisis and parliamentary deals will not do.
The KKE are working on the assumption that mass consciousness will develop
in a more radical and mature direction as this irreconcilable conflict
works itself out and base themselves on the increasing self activity of the
working people.
This is the very antithesis of sectarianism. It is responsible
revolutionary politics and a mature strategy. It is matched by a highly
organised and dsciplined approach to mass and demonstrative action aimed at
minimising attacks from both direct state forces and state-supported
I don’t think the KKE sees the problem as calling the people to rally to
the KKE as the exclusive feature of a way forward for the working people,
rather that they emphasis self activity of the working class and the
transformative effect of experiencing this crisis.
They are also highly realistic about the possibilities of a decisive break
with capitalism in one smallish country but maintain that working class
power offers the only resolution of the capitalist crisis in the final
What distinguishes them, apart from militancy and organisation, is the goal
of socialism."

There is a link on that page to an earlier version of the press release I
quoted from earlier.

Or put another way by a different commentor:

"The KKE’s (classically Leninist) position seems to rest on two
propositions. 1) Neither the parties of the right nor the parties of the
reformist left have any credible policy for getting out of the crisis. 2)
When the people realise this, they will rally to the KKE and its
uncompromising programme of socialist transformation.

The first proposition seems undeniably true. I have grave doubts about the

I agree with this to a large extent and would dearly love to have my grave
doubts assuaged.

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