[Marxism] USFI (was Re: Question re Solidarity)

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 09:42:25 MDT 2012

Kenneth Morgan wrote:

> For example there was and maybe still is within Solidarity a tendency that identified with the United Secretariat Fourth International. Has Solidarity now banned tendencies?

FWIW, as somebody who finds the USFI very sympathetic (although I'm not a member), the USFI isn't really a homogeneous tendency.

For example, in Germany, they actually have two separate sections, the isl (internationale sozialistische linke), which has an inside-outside relationship to Die Linke (their member, Wolfgang Zimmermann, is actually chair of the parliamentary fraction in North Rhine-Westphalia), whereas the other group, the RSB (Revolutionär Sozialistischer Bund), is a more traditional "Trotskyist" party-building group that rejects Die Linke.

If you read texts by some of the leading intellectuals of the USFI, like Michael Löwy, there is a definite desire to move beyond "Trotskyism" as an anachronism, although a lot of self-described orthodox Trots stay within the formation, presumably for reasons of organizational continuity.

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