[Marxism] Question re Solidarity

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri May 11 10:08:46 MDT 2012

Solidarity was founded in anticipation of conditions that would create
a kind of broad new anticapitalism such as we've seen only recently
bobbing to the surface in corners of Europe.  The central focus on the
call for regroupment on the Left was correct, but would only have
mattered if it could be translated into something in practice.

I left because we were both moving from an area where there was a
branch, but also because attending meetings struck me as rather . . .
well, Unitarian.  I've been involved since in several attempts to
start and sustain a branch here.  Rather tactlessly, I responded to
the last of these by asking the point of regularly sitting around a
table with a group of people whose hair is the same shad of gray as
mine . . . and asking what the comrades thought this might mean for
the recruitment of young people?  Apparently because of my disrespect
for my fellow elders, I've just not been invited to contribute to the
current effort  :-)

I am in full sympathy with the founding principles of Solidarity, but,
I don't see membership as doing anything at all to promote those

The young people here naturally prefer to join the ISO . . . though
regrettably, they don't usually stick with the organization that long.
 It could actually use the stabilizing role of having a few gray hairs

Both would be much stronger and more stable if they combined their
efforts.  I suspect this same observation holds true nationally.  In
fact, I've never really gotten a clear understanding of why Solidarity
hasn't just joined the ISO.


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