[Marxism] A comment from a young Marxist

Andrew Battle andrew.battle at gmail.com
Fri May 11 11:18:39 MDT 2012

For what it's worth I've found myself saying similar things quite
often. It's unfair to make blanket criticisms and what he's saying
doesn't apply to all contemporary Marxists, but the the poor showing
of many Marxist groups on the rhetoric-to-practice ratio, especially
when compared with contemporary anarchists, is a factor that drives
many young people towards the latter camp. I don't consider myself
anti-intellectual, don't begrudge the importance of critique, and
accept that what at first seem like arcane theoretical differences can
in the end have significant implications for practice, but there is a
point where these things become paralyzing and at worst an excuse not
to act. You learn more from trying something and failing than you do
by shooting it down from the get-go or smugly monday morning
quarterbacking it because it didn't immediately end capitalism, but
unfortunately that's the impression I've left with by some of the
current socialist groups. After having had the opportunity to
participate in the tremendously exciting events of the last nine
months, the idea that one has to fail early and often has increasingly
become part of my definition of "practice," and the people you see
embodying this at the moment tend to be on the anarchist end of

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