[Marxism] The Left, Labor and Occupy

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Fri May 11 12:16:43 MDT 2012

Trotskyism vs. Social Democracy and Anarcho-Liberalism
The Left, Labor and Occupy


Barely half a year after it burst on the scene, the Occupy Wall Street
movement is splintering left and right. This was inevitable in a
movement that was united only in what it opposed and could never put
forward a positive program, whether of reformist "demands" on the
capitalist state or of revolutionary action against it. Liberals, who
latched onto Occupy hoping it could pressure the Democratic Party in a
more populist direction, want to expel “black bloc” anarchists.
Reformist social democrats rail against "ultraleftists" in Occupy and
cozy up to the labor tops. On the other side, many (but not all)
anarchists oppose unions. Some are simply arrogant petty-bourgeois labor
haters. Others are grappling with real problems, but with skewed
analysis and dead wrong conclusions. Discussion of recent workers’
struggles, from Wisconsin to West Coast longshore, underlines that the
key question is leadership, but not just replacing one set of 
bureaucrats with another. Unions have always faced vicious anti-labor
laws, but we have the power to defeat them. It is necessary to drive out
the pro-capitalist bureaucracy, the labor lieutenants of capital, in
order to turn the unions into instruments of revolutionary class

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