[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 103, Issue 20

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Fri May 11 22:06:31 MDT 2012

The challenge facing the Marxist left would seem to me obvious. 
There aren?t enough Marxists. And there aren?t enough Marxists 
because the Marxists have isolated themselves from everyone else. 
These organizations seem paranoid about being diluted by those who 
do not meet their purity tests, but in reality there is nothing to 
dilute because they don?t even have anything approaching a 
legitimate party yet alone a mass movement. And then when a mass 
movement does come alone (OWS) they sit on the sidelines 
criticizing it for not meeting their ideal, which becomes a 
self-fulfilling prophecy because they largely refuse to work with it.

In the Labor Outreach Committee and other committees of Occupy Wall Street, members of three Marxist groups, the ISO, SA and Solidarity have worked together to build a formidable, active, effective leadership. No other tendencies that I know of have even gotten their toes wet in the rough and tumble politics of OWS, at least in New York. 

The LRP was around for awhile and chickened out. I see Workers World banners on demos but heaven forfend they should get their hands dirty in real politics.

The Occupy movement is, indeed, a real test for the Marxist left. A few groups have risen to the challenge. The rest can go fuck themselves.

David Berger


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