[Marxism] Massive fraud in Algerian Elections

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Sun May 13 23:20:24 MDT 2012

What were the prominent slogans advanced by these two left parties?
On May 13, 2012, at 8:15 AM, DW wrote:

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> Elections were held last Thursday. For several years, the unpopular
> FLN gov't was placed, according to all polls, in single digit
> popularity. They were returned with a 'majority' with their allied RND
> party with 220 and 63 votes respectively. Virtually the same as the
> elections from 2007.
> The two left parties, the FFS and the PT received 21 and 20 seats
> respectively. This lowers the seats *awarded* to the PT from 26 to 20,
> while the party has increased its mass influence and was virtually the
> only party to hold *any* mass rallies in the thousands prior to the
> vote. At the vote counting the PT was awarded 11 seats, for example,
> in Algiers (out how many I don't know) and then 'officially' was given
> only 7. Exit polls conducted by poll watchers indicated a middle
> double-digit vote for the PT. The PT has a Trotskyist influenced
> leadership.
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