[Marxism] Dam Project Threatens a Way of Life in Peru

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed May 16 10:53:49 MDT 2012

Usually, often, the NYT provides a map of the region under discussion.
The failed to do this with this interesting article on Peru. Here is a
shaded color relief map showing the Ene River basin location relative
to the rest of Peru. The majority of the rivers in the Andean
mountains, about 96% of them, flow *east* into the Amazon (which is
why the small sliver of land that constitutes Peru's coast is mostly

The region in questions is a narrow green valley shown in the drawn-in
box that indicates the area.

A black and white blow up that region that includes all the
tributaries and the actual Enu River that will be dammed is shown as
well here:


As demands for more electrical generation increase, as well s pressure
to lower fossil fuel consumption (both because of environmental and
financial reasons) pressure to build more hyrdo-electric facilities
increases. Major projects are already under way in Brazil itself and


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