[Marxism] The Art Justifying Unconventional Fuels

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed May 16 11:42:54 MDT 2012

 thank you for this report. I guess it was a "local" issue as you
could walk to the event? :)

One correction: You wrote: "...This person conveniently
forgot to say that the energy content of Utah Oil shale is
about 100 times that of Utah tar sands."

Did you mean that Utah shale is about 100 times that of ALBERTA tar sands"?

You noted in your piece that there are some studies that say natural
gas CO2 effluent is higher than the claimed "only half that of coal".
I've never seen this referred too previously, that is, gas being
*close* to coal's CO2 emissions. I actually find that hard to believe
and I've always used the "half as much CO2 as coal" in discussions. If
you have any references for this please post them here or send them to
me off list. I'd be very interested.

Was water discussed at all? Tar/Shale oil mining uses prodigious
amounts of water. It also pollutes prodigious amounts of water as
well. Utah is a dry state and sits in a dry basin, the only one in the
Lower 48 that has not run off to anyplace...it just evaporates and
leaves salt behind.


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