[Marxism] End of Ideology

Ismail Lagardien ilagardien at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 00:41:06 MDT 2012

I should explain a bit further. I am especially interested in the Fukuyama/liberal capitalist triumphalism age; Where ANY questioning or criticism of Neo-Classical Orthodoxy or liberal capitalism is dismissed as "ideological". I see this dovetailing with the argument, detailed in Lawson's Economics and Reality, by Neo-Classicists and orthodox economists, "don't think just do" and their fixation with ahistorical and crude empiricist methododologies.

I am writing a short piece about how this is becoming quite pervasive (again) in South Africa, and how it is linked to some people's deep (lingering) fascination with "the American model" that has been exported to Africa through the Bank-Fund - notwithstanding the collapse of this model.
I can probably string it together myself, but I am always wary of thinking that I have original ideas when I have a very short memory.

Ismail Lagardien

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