[Marxism] End of Ideology

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Thu May 17 04:39:44 MDT 2012

On 17 May 2012 07:41, Ismail Lagardien <ilagardien at yahoo.com> wrote:

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> Ismail wrote: "I should explain a bit further. I am especially interested
> in the Fukuyama/liberal capitalist triumphalism age"

It might be fruitful to look at Samuel Huntingdon's 'Clash of
Civilisations' - at least in respect to Fukuyama, as it was a riposte to
Fukuyama from his own 'side' - albeit the neo-conservative wing of it; and
was a portent of the collapse of Fukuyama's illusory consensus that was to
follow as the US and UK particularly, embarked on their spree of
adventurism in the Middle-East that continues to this day.

I think you're right to think there's a genealogy between Bell and
Fukuyama, certainly in terms of propaganda and triumphalism and the
popularisation of right wing ideology. Fukuyama tried to drive the knife
into Marx by expressing much of his thesis as the victory of the victory of
Hegel's idealistic dialectic over Marx's material one. In fact, in
presenting his case he mostly falls back onto crude materialism anyway
which undermines that component of it. I suspect what really inspired
Fukuyama regarding Hegel was the latter's conclusion that the Prussian
state was the end of the dialectical line, just as Fukuyama argued liberal
democracy (read: capitalism) was.


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