[Marxism] The End of the Jewish Left

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When Walzer denies the existence of an ancient Jewish revolutionary  
tradition he is blind to the fact that the Bible records the very  
first example in all history of a popular revolution: the revolt of  
the ten northern tribes against Solomon and his heir Rehoboam.  "What  
part have we in David? To your tents, O Israel!" The people stoned to  
death Rehoboam's commander, recalled their leader Jeroboam (the name  
meant "he who fights on behalf of the people"), expelled the Levite  
priesthood to which they had been tributary, and established the state  
called "Israel" that lasted two centuries (until conquered by the  
Assyrian Sargon II).

Of course, John and Jesus of Nazareth were also conspicuous figures in  
the Jewish revolutionary tradition, but that's another story...

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