[Marxism] The End of the Jewish Left

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri May 18 10:26:52 MDT 2012

Why are US Jews supposed to be exempt from the creed - "being determines
consciousness"? The WASP American ruling class after WW 2 realized that it
needed new blood and decided to open the doors to Jews and other white
ethnics. Today, Jews are thoroughly assimilated into the establishment and
are prominently represented in ruling circles. Their standard of living is
higher than the average white American and they face no persecution other
than an occasional swastika painted on a synagogue wall. There are no
pogroms, no lynchings, no police brutality or harassment for the crime of
driving (or walking, like Trayvon!) while Jewish, no neighborhoods,
schools, jobs that are closed to them. The conditions that Jews faced when
they came to the US as the penniless, despised "other" radicalized them.
Today's social reality bourgeoisifies them. This more than loyalty to
Zionism is why leftism no longer resonates so strongly with Jews. I'm sure
that young Jews today are a higher percentage of the left than of the
Jewish population as a whole, but nothing approaching the percentage of the
1920s - 1940s. There is every reason to expect this trend to continue.

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