[Marxism] Antarsya statement and IV article on Greek situation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 20 10:37:58 MDT 2012

On 5/20/12 12:27 PM, DW wrote:
> Wow...what an assumption. Not a word about or hint of the problems of
> ex-Labour political organization in the UK, it's all about the sects
> maintaining "small propaganda group mentality"... and  not about,
> maybe, the fact that the working class *itself* rejects "Socialist
> Alliances". That perhaps THIS is a bad idea? No?

For those interested in my take on the Socialist Alliance question, go 
The article is more concerned about the problems the SWP had in relating 
to RESPECT but they apply to the Socialist Alliance that preceded it.

> The amazing thing about Greece is that this coalition was able to be
> the organization (made up of sects or not, I don't care *at all*) that
> voiced the opposition to European austerity by the class, a class in
> motion, and one waiting around for something to fall out of the
> Internet and solve their problems.

Yes, they did voice that, didn't they. I don't think that there is 
anything wrong with making propaganda but clearly there is a need for 
leadership of the working class, something that ANTARSYA is not up to.

> Louis' views are the yang to the sects
> ying. He's just chasing their tail as much as they are chasing each
> others.

What an unappetizing prospect.

> Thus discussions must be aimed at those closest to the class or which,
> as a "tribune" express it the most closely in it's most real, radical
> and militant way. In this case it appears SYRIZA is that grouping and
> Tsipras is that 'tribune'.

Thank you for finally understanding my point. I knew that you would come 
around, dear lad.

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