[Marxism] Antarsya statement and IV article on Greek situation

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Mon May 21 02:10:26 MDT 2012

OK, yeh I wrote the article about being non-sectarian towards Syriza etc 
and then I sent the Antarsya statement. I didn't send it because I 
necessarily agreed with it, but because I consider them to be wonderful 
dedicated activists and communists, many of whom I have known personally 
for decades, whose views ought to be aired. It is true that they 
shouldn't be ridiculed on the basis of a bit of imprecise language, 
which I explained anyway.

It is true however that Antarsya's statement is somewhat disappointing, 
if not surprising. I cut them some slack though: they are there and we 
are here. Antarsya is not wrong about the limitations of the Synaspismos 
leadership of Syriza. And they are probably in an atmosphere where they 
are far more acutely aware of these problems on a daily basis than we 
are. And their statement is far less sectarian than the position of the 
KKE, even if ultimately it comes down to the same thing: with the 
difference that Antarsya does not have any seats from the election so 
they are not faced with the same decision as the KKE; they feel they can 
be more propagandistic. And they do call for a united front of all the 
left to fight fascism. And they do say they could support a left 
government under certain conditions, unlike the "shove it" attitude of 
the KKE. And they have been actively collaborating on the ground with 
Syriza and its components in non-sectarian fashion for years now, 
meaning at least now they have the credibility to say we now draw the 
line, as opposed to the hyper-sectarianism of the KKE towards everyone 
on the left for years, meaning that even IF they were correct now, 
people would still assume they were wrong. And Antarsya is certainly 
right to emphasise the need for mobilisation as key in this situation.

But with all those disclaimers, yes it is disappointing that Antarsya 
cannot shake it off at this moment and call out from the rooftops: "for 
a united front of workers parties to smash austerity and the 
memorandum", without giving up any of their critique. While I think it 
would be grossly offensive to call these brave activists "KKE lite", 
comparing them a group that has acted as marshalls for the state, it is 
true that many may view them that way if they don't take a less 
abstentionist stance towards what is actually happening with Syriza's 
victory. But let's let them work it out.

For me personally, I regard the comrade organisations in Greece to be 
all the components of Antarsya and all the components of Syriza except 
the more opportunist elements of Synaspismos. Of course, the real 
rightist elements of Synaspismos thankfully quit and formed Democratic 
Left; but it is hard from afar to judge how "pure" that has left a 
basically left-reformist organisation - all we can say from afar, as I 
wrote in my article, is that the *momentum* of Synaspismos given the 
split of its rotten right-wing combined with its alliance with the 
radical left is something that can be pushed forward, especially in 
these conditions; I'm sorry Antarsya seems to have withdrawn a little 
from that perspective. 

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