[Marxism] info on funding of Obama's campaign wanted

Jeff Goodwin jgoodwin.nyu at gmail.com
Wed May 23 07:48:17 MDT 2012

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> I'm having an online "discussion" with someone who made what strikes
> me as an absolutely fucknuts assertion that 90% of the money from
> hedge fund people is going to Romney rather than Obama.  I don't think
> there are any reliable solid numbers out there, as yet, and the way
> these things usually work is that somebody has a company-for-hire make
> a "study," or they simply bullshit one of the media people.
> . . . but I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with real information.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the best source I know of
when it comes to money in politics, individuals in the "hedge funds and
private equity" sector have given about $2.5 million thus far to Romney and
about $660,000 to Obama. (This doesn't include contributions to the parties
or to Super PACs, on contributions less than $200.) That's a ratio of 3.8
to 1. The data is here:


Jeff G.

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