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A thorough reply to neoliberal ideas of the labour mkt, many of whose
theme's have been adopted by the left unfortunately, is Kevin Doogan's 'New
Capitalism': which takes apart ideas of precarity and capital flight and
all that shit we hear day in, day out as an alibi for more flexibilisation
etc etc....

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> I was wondering if any of you could give me some pointers regarding
> researchers, books or papers dealing with labour "market" research and
> theory from a radical / heterodox perspective? Work from the last two
> decades would be particularly relevant.
> My question probably already reveals that I'm a beginner on this topic, so
> introductory work would be most useful, but any hints are appreciated
> really. I know the question is a bit broad; I'm basically looking for
> relatively recent economic work that provides a contrast to the
> neoclassical treatment of unemployment and labour force participation (e.g.
> the significance of the "wage offer" and the "reservation wage" in the
> standard approach) as well as the determination of earnings and ideally
> critically discusses the dominant view on these matters.
> As a side-issue: Does anyone know of a radical philosophical/theoretical
> critique of econometrics?
> Best,
> Irene
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