[Marxism] The role of unions in revolutionary Cuba

Richard Levins humaneco at hsph.harvard.edu
Fri May 25 15:53:55 MDT 2012

Gloria's article could be filled out by a discussion of the day to day functioning of the unions, the thousands of grievances that are handled on the shop floor, and the ways they arte settled. There is a real contradiction between local, immeidate needs of workers and the nnational economic needs. Also, the role of innovation in socialist and capitalist disputes.

Richard Levins

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A really excellent article by Gloria La Riva on the role of unions in a
socialist country, in contrast to the position of the ISO (who, of course,
doesn't even consider Cuba socialist).

A reminder of an old post of mine on the ISO which bears on some of the same
issues: http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2007w01/msg00146.html 

Eli Stephens
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