[Marxism] Patrick Cockburn on the slaughter in Syria

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Sun May 27 11:20:39 MDT 2012

To no one's surprise, we know find Patrick Cockburn and Louis Proyect
helping to project the imperialist view of events in Syria every bit as much
as the U.S. corporate media.

Note how the second sentence of the article claims "Anti-government
militants blame pro-regime gunmen for carrying out the butchery in which
children and their parents were hacked and shot to death." Cockburn COULD
have followed that with an equally true statement "The Syrian government
blames terrorist elements for carrying out the butchery..." Of course he

He quotes the U.N.'s man on the spot, Gen. Robert Mood, as having counted
the dead, and notes that he would not explain how they died. But although
that's all you'll read here, and in AP stories, here's what we learn from Al
Jazeera (no friend of the Syrian government):

Major General Robert Mood, the chief of the UN observer mission deployed to
Syria, said monitors touring the area had counted 85 bodies, including 34
children under the age of 10 and seven women.

"Whoever started, whoever responded and whoever supported this deplorable
act of violence should be held responsible."  Mood said about Friday's

He told Al Jazeera that a residential area had been hit with a range of
weapons, including "rifles, machine guns, artillery shells, tank shells,"
but stressed that the circumstances that "led to the tragic deaths" were
still unclear.

"Whatever I learned on the ground in Syria ... is that I should not jump to

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