[Marxism] Glow in the dark sushi,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue May 29 19:10:39 MDT 2012

No, Lou, I read the actual article. You obviously didn't. Let's review
before your baiting of me in lieu of a serious rebuttal causes you to
shrink into a black hole...


"The levels of radioactivity are well within permitted limits, and
below those from other radioisotopes that occur naturally in the
environment, such as potassium-40.

"The potassium was about 30 times higher than the combined
radio-caesium levels. If you calculate how much additional
radioactivity there is in the Pacific Bluefin tuna caught in
California relative to the natural background - it's about 3%," said
Prof Fisher.

The scientists even calculated how much radioactivity might have been
present in the fish before they swam across the Pacific (it would have
fallen over time) and figured it could have been 50% above background
levels; but, again, this would still have met the legal requirements
for safe consumption."

Glow in the dark? What an idiot. Of course it 'reads well' doesn't it?
and that is what counts, not the actual harm it might do. It has to
read "fear, run, hide".

Right...so the actual Potassium isotopes are *30* times higher.

The issue is that some, "4 bsqls" (can only be measured with an
electron microscope) of ceasium per *kilo*. In other words, it doesn't
glow, it isn't harmful so why the stupid-ass scare mongering? The
*issue* at best is that some of the Cs *has* gotten into the flesh of
the tuna in extremely minute amounts. *Do you care?* Yes, it is, as
later in the BBC article notes, they will be closely, very closely
monitoring this, as they should.  Is it "good" that this occurred? No,
duh. But is anthying that warrents the stupidity of the thread
subject? Er...nope.

i might add, I had sushi *yesterday* (the place was packed with
Japanese as it happens), though not blue fin tuna like toro nigiri, a
favorite when someone else wants to pony up the bucks for it, which is
way too expensive in any event and now, of course, as it's becoming
endangered (not sure about Pacific Blue Fin but Atlantic certainly


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