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Wed May 30 08:57:14 MDT 2012

The daily bulletin of Italy's Communist Refoundation Party published 
today the apparently official program of the Greek coalition of the 
left, Syriza. Without further comment, I translate here the 40 points of 
the Syriza program. 
Editor's Note: I have bolded the programmatic points that in my view 
merit the denomination of truly radical. On balance, this is a radical 
template for the reshuffling of society. American Occupy, pay 

1. Audit of the public debt and renegotiation of interest due and 
suspension of payments until the economy has revived and growth and 
employment return.
2. Demand the European Union to change the role of the European Central 
Bank so that it finances States and programs of public investment.
3. Raise income tax to 75% for all incomes over 500,000 euros.
4. Change the election laws to a proportional system.
5. Increase taxes on big companies to that of the European average.
6. Adoption of a tax on financial transactions and a special tax on 
luxury goods.
7. Prohibition of speculative financial derivatives.
8. Abolition of financial privileges for the Church and shipbuilding 
9. Combat the banks' secret [measures] and the flight of capital abroad.
10. Cut drastically military expenditures.
11. Raise minimum salary to the pre-cut level, 750 euros per month.
12. Use buildings of the government, banks and the Church for the 
13. Open dining rooms in public schools to offer free breakfast and 
lunch to children.
14. Free health benefits to the unemployed, homeless and those with low 
15. Subvention up to 30% of mortgage payments for poor families who 
cannot meet payments.
16. Increase of subsidies for the unemployed. Increase social protection 
for one-parent families, the aged, disabled, and families with no 
17. Fiscal reductions for goods of primary necessity.
18. Nationalization of banks.
19. Nationalization of ex-public (service & utilities) companies in 
strategic sectors for the growth of the country (railroads, airports, 
mail, water).
20. Preference for renewable energy and defence of the environment.
21. Equal salaries for men and women.
22. Limitation of precarious hiring and support for contracts for 
indeterminate time.
23. Extension of the protection of labor and salaries of part-time 
24. Recovery of collective (labor) contracts.
25. Increase inspections of labor and requirements for companies making 
bids for public contracts.
26. Constitutional reforms to guarantee separation of Church and State 
and protection of the right to education, health care and the 
27. Referendums on treaties and other accords with Europe.
28. Abolition of privileges for parliamentary deputies. Removal of 
special juridical protection for ministers and permission for the courts 
to proceed against members of the government.
29. Demilitarization of the Coast Guard and anti-insurrectional special 
troops. Prohibition for police to wear masks or use fire arms during 
demonstrations. Change training courses for police so as to underline 
social themes such as immigration, drugs and social factors.
30. Guarantee human rights in immigrant detention centers.
31. Facilitate the reunion of immigrant families.
32. Depenalization of consumption of drugs in favor of battle against 
drug traffic. Increase funding for drug rehab centers.
33. Regulate the right of conscientious objection in draft laws.
34. Increase funding for public health up to the average European 
level.(The European average is 6% of GDP; in Greece 3%.)
35. Elimination of payments by citizens for national health services.
36. Nationalization of private hospitals. Elimination of private 
participation in the national health system.
37. Withdrawal of Greek troops from Afghanistan and the Balkans. No 
Greek soldiers beyond our own borders.
38. Abolition of military cooperation with Israel. Support for creation 
of a Palestinian State within the 1967 borders.
39. Negotiation of a stable accord with Turkey.
40. Closure of all foreign bases in Greece and withdrawal from NATO.

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