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ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Wed May 30 10:50:41 MDT 2012

Thank you DCQ, this is well written and well reasoned!  I'd
like to point out some of the things science did not know
sufficiently when it was generally thought that small
amounts of pollution are ok:

(a) bio-accumulation.  If the water has barely measurable or
unmeasurable levels of pollution, fish living in it can
still be highly polluted.  Once the radioactivity is in the
ocean, its effect on humans is determined by a race between
how quickly it decays and how quickly it bio-accumulates.
Some of the more long-lived isotopes, whose effects are
right now masked by the more short-lived isotopes, may
cumulatively be the more damaging ones for humans.

(b) effects on unborns.  Today's babies are born
pre-polluted by the pollution ingested by their mothers.
There are timeseries showing a correlation between nuclear
testing in the USA and lowered IQ levels of babies born at
that time.

(c) Time lag of regulation.  The gravity of the effects of
air pollution have only be discovered in the last 15 years
or so.  Regulation is years or decades behind the quickly
advancing science.

There is so much we don't know that it is prudent to avoid
levels of pollution which are "safe" according to the


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