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I know it's "anecdotal," but as I look at the people I know, especially of
my generation (Baby Boomers), a simple majority of the contemporaries whom I
know have had some form of cancer. My sister has had breast cancer twice;
the first time before she was 40. I am in my second battle with prostate
cancer, eleven years after I had it the first time. We can go down the list
of comrades and friends we have lost prematurely, such as Steffie Brooks,
Carol McAllister, and others. As Stephen Stills wrote, "There's something
happening here. What it is ain't entirely clear." ~Tom

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I am about 70 percent done with Sandra Steingraeber's "Living 
Downstream: An Ecologist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and 
the Environment" that will be referred to in a review I am 
preparing on 2 documentaries on breast cancer. She came down with 
bladder cancer when she was in college, studying biology. The book 
is an examination of the impact of herbicides and pesticides in 
rural Illinois, where she grew up. I can't recommend the book 
highly enough.

Check out her articles here:


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