[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 103, Issue 44

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed May 30 17:31:02 MDT 2012

I, like many (most) marxists I frequent on a daily baisis, smoke around 
1 packet of cigarettes a day. And I select the cheapest meat (the one 
that's advertised as being "on sale") when I shop at my local supermarket.
I also spend my time in front of a computer screen (no exercise) and 
drink humongous quantities of C2H5OH (ethanol).
All in all, worrying about radioactive fish comes pretty low on my list 
of "things to seriously reconsider in order to expand my lifespan" 
(smoking, carbohydrates, exercise, alcohol... and then radioactivity in 
I would think that the present mode of production (namely  Capitalism) 
can both promote unhealthy consumerism and also benefit from concerned 
citizens preoccupied about their sushi being tainted by radioactivity.
Which is a way of saying that being concerned about the nutrients we 
ingest orally (which will eventually be metabolized in our cells by 
having the phosphate bonds of ATP combine with and break down glucose 
together with about 4,000 other chemical reactions ) is comendable but 
not immediately part-and-parcel of the struggle between those who sell 
their work force and those who own the means of production.
I am suspicious of enthusiastically crusading for a very narrow cause 
(Pacific fish) within the Capitalist system as this brings home to the 
individuals the fact that everything being a commodity (including self, 
produced independently of others), the solution lies in piecemeal 
regulation, instead of a collective emancipatory change in the mode of 
IT is almost a case of displacement from fighting the cause to fighting 
the consequences. The cause is seperation within the sphere of 
production and seperation between self and product.

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