[Marxism] College Graduates on the Brink: A Double Waste

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu May 31 06:58:13 MDT 2012

At 21:51 30-05-12 -0700, michael perelman wrote:
>In the last week, 3 of my best students told me that they were joining
>the military.  One came for a letter of recommendation

So do him (her?) a big favor. Write a glowing referral letter pointing out
that he:
* Is an independent thinker, always prepared to challenge authority.
* Is an excellent student in (whichever) liberal arts discipline who will
continue with grad school after his stint in the military.
* Has an excellent knowledge of international law and rules of war
specified in the Geneva accords.
* Is a gentle person with excellent peace-making and conflict-resolution
* Has great compassion toward common people of all nationalities and
decries any abuse of their rights.
* Greatly respects the rule of law and reports any abuses or corruption he
detects, no matter how high the status of the abuser.
* Has significant experience in written and photo-journalism with good
connections to the press and knowledge of internet resources.
(+ a few more you can probably think of!)

Perhaps someday he will thank you after his friends start coming back in
body bags from Iran (or wherever).

- Jeff

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