[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 103, Issue 44

DCQ davecq at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 07:29:12 MDT 2012


1) While your smoking, drinking, eating, and lounging habits might be the stuff of local legend, it's irrelevant to a discussion of the environmental degradation of the planet.

2) Who exactly advocated "enthusiastically crusading for a very narrow cause," let alone that of the "Pacific fish"? The issue is the relative safety of nuclear power plants and the rapid spread of radiation from the Fukushima Daichi disaster.

3) I thought the "piecemeal regulation" vs. "collective emancipatory change in the mode of production" argument had been satisfactorily answered a century ago by Luxemburg.

Also, just as a note on style, your 9th-grade-biology-textbook-level science is pretty condescending. I hope you don't speak to your comrades in struggle like that (the ones not on your computer screen).


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