[Marxism] College Graduates on the Brink: A Double Waste

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu May 31 09:08:51 MDT 2012

It might be where I'm at, but this has been an ongoing issue for
twenty years with me. For many years, they kept me teaching those
large survey sections, where I had the usual proportion of
stereotypical male freshmen screwup who couldn't get to class, never
studied or took notes, couldn't get work done on time, and whined
continually.  My policy is always to be as tough as I can with those
kids, for all the obvious reasons.

More than I care to remember, after they screwed up everything
completely, one of them would come up just to let me know that they
knew they had screwed up but that they had just signed up for the
military, which was going to "make a man out of them."  This would
invariabley prove to be the work of some witless adult male in their
family, who was, of course, not in the military because they had such
a miserable time there.

And people wonder why professors drink.


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