[Marxism] Spreading the Maple Spring: Lessons from Quebec's Student Strike

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 1 08:17:29 MDT 2012

Spreading the Maple Spring: Lessons from Quebec's Student Strike

A cross-Canada speaking tour, featuring:

-Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, former spokesperson for CLASSE
-Cloé Zawadzki-Turcotte, a former member of CLASSE's executive and a key 
organizer behind the strike
-Ethan Cox, rabble.ca's Quebec correspondent and a former student organizer

Fighting for Education and Against Austerity Together

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, along with CLASSE representative Cloé 
Zawadzki-Turcotte and rabble.ca Quebec correspondent Ethan Cox, are 
currently on a speaking tour, seven cities over seven days, with events 
in London, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Victoria and Vancouver.

"The longest student strike in Canadian history ended with the 
resignation of two education ministers, the defeat of a sitting Premier 
and his government, and the repeal of both the tuition hikes and Law 12, 
which many have argued violated basic civil liberties," said Cox.

"This tour is about telling the story of what happened in Quebec this 
year, and inspiring people across the country to stand up to austerity."

"When people stand together for what they believe in, there is no limit 
to what they can accomplish," said Nadeau-Dubois. "We hope that the 
historic victory of the Quebec student movement will inspire people 
across Canada to resist neo-liberal governments and fight for a society 
which puts people first."

For CLASSE, the largest of the student unions involved in the Quebec 
student strike, this victory is merely the start of the next fight. And 
that fight is against austerity, in all its forms. More importantly, 
that fight is to not only oppose assaults on our social welfare, but to 
build a better society.

National tour sponsors: rabble.ca, CEP, LeadNow.ca

Thanks to additional tour sponsors and endorsers, including PSAC Prairie 
Region, Ryerson Social Justice Week.

Schedule this week:

Oct. 1: York University Student Centre. 2pm Room 313.

Oct. 1: Ryerson University. 6:30pm Opening Night of Social Justice Week: 
Student Struggles Around the World. 55 Dundas St West.

Oct. 2: Saskatoon. 12:30pm University of Saskatchewan, Room 299 - Murray 
(Main Library) Building.

Oct. 2: Regina. 7:30pm, RIC 119, University of Regina,

Oct. 3: Winnipeg. 7:00pm University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Ave. - Room 

Oct. 4: Victoria. 7:00pm University of Victoria. Room A120, Social 
Sciences and Math Building. Local sponsors: UVIC Social Justice Studies, 
Victoria Voice.

Oct. 5: Vancouver. 7:00pm W2 Media Cafe, 111 W. Hastings.

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