[Marxism] Talk on the IS and the rank and file upsurge of the 60s and 70s in the US

dave x dave.xx at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 00:08:18 MDT 2012

Excellent talk on the IS experience in the rank and file upsurge of
the 1960s and 1970s:


It has always struck me how so many radicals, even those who lived
through that era, seem largely unaware or ignorant of the extent,
history and significance of the rank and file upsurge of this period.
I was decently well read in radical and labor history but I had no
clue at all about this until I sat down in labadie archives a number
of years ago for a research project and had my mind blown. The IS was
deeply involved in these struggles and so reading their old material
is very interesting. Of course they were not the only ones and this
talk may therefore give one a one sided perspective on the whole
experience, still it is an important and useful perspective.

After listening to this consider listening to the excellent discussion
between Panitch, Gindin and Henwood on the subject of Panitcha nd
Gindin's new book, the making of Global Capital:


They argue (contra Brenner) that the extensive rank and file struggles
of the 60s/70s played a significant role in sparking the reaction by
global capital that we now call neoliberalism. They are not the only
ones to think that this was important, I know that Hardt and Negri and
also William Robinson share an analysis like that. I find it to be a
very plausible thesis.


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