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...And from the FT:

(If you hit a paywall, put the title 'Miliband's speech hailed by business'
into google, and follow the link. You can get all FT articles that way).


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> A similar take:
> http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/art.php?id=29718
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>> The Guardian today was in raptures about Ed Milliband's speech to the
>> Labour Party conference yesterday.  I will watch some of the videos later.
>> What had them in the throes of ecstasy was the fact that Milliband used
>> Disraeli the 19th Tory Prime Minister, to frame his policy.  Milliband is
>> now a 'one nationer'  so New Labour makes way for One Nation Labour. The
>> rhetoric is familiar, nauseatingly so.  We are all in this together.  We
>> all must share the burden etc. Admittedly there is some muttering about
>> the
>> need fro responsible capitalism.  That is like trying to breed a
>> vegetarian
>> dog.  Can't be done,.  sorry.
>> So there will be more sacrifices and the Milliband government will not
>> swerve to the Left.  God forbid. The second eleven has clearly gone into
>> the nets, practised like demons and is now prepared to take the field when
>> the First Eleven (Cameron & Clegg) are sent into oblivion.  It is very
>> much
>> a case that Labour has sent a clear message that they will manage the
>> Austerity after Cameron.  They will make nice sounds and perhaps some of
>> them will speak in working class accents, but British Labour will emerge
>> to
>> kiss the Queen's hands etc. The status quo will be preserved no matter the
>> cost.
>> What can disrupt this clear bid to establish continuity and thus reassure
>> capital? I am very much afraid, that the answer is only a maturing of the
>> crisis to a level of suffering beyond what the working class will stomach.
>> But Britain is like Australia, revolution will have to be imported.  What
>> is it about Anglos?
>> comradely
>> Gary
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