[Marxism] Diaspora, a cautionary tale

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Wed Oct 3 05:02:37 MDT 2012

This is an interesting attempt to correct some of that problem at an 
infrastructural level: http://unhosted.org/

Basically, the idea is that since Ecmascript is becoming quite a serious 
language now, it should be possible to decouple applications from 
datasets, and to control where the data are stored. As with many things, 
though, a technical solution isn't enough.

There's still lots of ongoing work on the Freedom Box, and with an 
increasing availability of tiny cheap computers like the Raspberry Pi 
and similar, it may come to something at some point: 

It's interesting that a lot of what social networks do was doable, to a 
greater or lesser extent, with old protocols like finger, .plan files 
etc. Of course it makes sense to move these things to the web, for UI 
reasons if nothing else, but IMO it makes a lot less sense to move it to 
centralised datastores which also tend to have some scalability issues 
like Twitter.


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