[Marxism] Barry Commoner, Pioneering Environmental Scientist and Activist, Dies at 95

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 3 06:42:54 MDT 2012

On 10/3/12 12:56 AM, jay rothermel wrote:
> Found on the MIA tonight:
> ....Environmental pessimism is a
> classic bourgeois ideology and there is
> little written today by Dennis Meadows
> or Barry Commoner that cannot be
> found in Malthus and Ricardo, who also
> believed that natural resource scarcity,
> specifically in agriculture, would lead
> to zero economic growth.

For newcomers to Marxmail, especially those from outside the USA, this 
attack on Barry Commoner comes from the Spartacist League, a group that 
can be accurately described as on the lunatic fringe of the Trotskyist 
left. Around since the early 60s, they have never gotten larger than 
maybe a hundred members in a country of 280 million. Their function is 
largely limited to blasting other groups on the left that are actually 
doing something in the mass movement. They are sterile magpies with a 
leader who once said, "The Greek population exists by selling its 
children or selling its Swiss watches to each other" and followed by 
describing Albania as a nation of "goat-fuckers". I can't say I am 
surprised that Jay would dredge up their offal against Commoner from the 
septic tank.

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