[Marxism] Turkey Military Strikes Syria

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 3 16:55:16 MDT 2012

At 16:32 03-10-12 -0500, Tristan Sloughter wrote:
> But
>could the rebels be attempting to invoke Turkish intervention against Assad?

Well any conspiracy theory is possible, and I suppose that's at least as 
likely as Julian Assange working for the Mossad. But as usual, the truth is 
more mundane. The entire town of Akcakale lies within 1 km of the Syrian 
border, and is right at the location of the Tall Al Abyad border crossing:


That border crossing is under the control of the Syrian revolutionaries 
which the Syrian army is trying to recapture.

>Assad's forces firing purposefully on Turkey of course makes no sense.

I'm sure they didn't intend the shell to land in Turkey. But after fighting 
for a border position for weeks, it's not unlikely that they would overshoot 
their target once in a while. The only new thing is that Turkey decided to 
respond, probably just to avoid looking weak (according to one report 
"Hundreds of residents marched to the local governor’s office after the 
incident, demanding the resignation of town authorities"). Neither Turkey 
nor any other NATO country is eager to get involved in the Syrian conflict, 
as they have proved consistently over the last 18 months. That record of 
consistency is much more convincing than any conspiracy theory.


- Jeff

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