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Hasn't the post-sixties Trotskyist left a great tradition of believing that the crisis of socialism is not to be found in a lack of class consciusness, of a pre-revolutionary period, or victory of capitalism but rather to be found in a "crisis" or "failure" of revolutionary leadership? The natural evolution of this belief is into a belief that the "crisis" or "failure" is that the "leadership" of the class is bankrupt. This goes beyond the belief that labor bureaucrats or social democrats are misleading the working class but that the class is being subverted by wrong leadership. The class struggle then becomes a struggle not of labor against capital but "revolutionary" leadership against other would be "revolutionary" leadership. The class struggle is carried on not between classes  - the working class is ready for socialist revolution, the system is ready to fall. Rather the class struggle is waged between various sects - usually Trotskyist sects with one representing "revolutionary" leadership and the others "centrist," "economist," "opportunist," "petty-bourgeois," "opportunist," "revisionist." The revolutionary struggle then had to be waged against the most dangerous element in opposition to the revolution - the next closest sect. Cliff Slaughter wrote a pamphlet for Gerry Healy around that era called "The Struggle for Revolutionary Leadership," (at least I think it was Slaughter) that reflects this belief. The further removed in geography and history from the formative years of the Comintern these sectlets developed the more crude became the analysis and more intense the antipathy. This is what is reflected, I think in the Japanese sects referenced in the posting. But the whole has its roots in the Trotskyist movement of many years past: Oehler, Weisbord, Field, Stamm, etc.

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oesn't hold a candle to the history of Japanese "Trotskyist" sects:

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