[Marxism] [UCE] Turkey Plays Chicken for NATO

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Oct 5 12:20:26 MDT 2012

On 10/5/12 1:59 PM, Ron Jacobs wrote:

> http://stillhomeron.blogspot.com/2012/10/turkey-plays-chicken-for-nato.html

Ron, you write:

"From where I sit, it appears the US and its alliance are arming forces 
very similar to those it armed in Afghanistan, while the nation of Syria 
is looking more and more like Iraq circa 2007, when sectarian conflict 
split that nation into many small and dangerous combat zones."

In fact, the CIA supplied Afghan jihadists with ground to air missiles 
that wreaked havoc with Soviet helicopters. By contrast, the CIA stands 
guard at the Syria-Turkey border to prevent the FSA from getting the 
same exact kinds of missiles.

The Australian
August 12, 2012

DESPITE mounting calls in Washington for a more aggressive US military 
role in Syria, the CIA has been quietly working along its northern 
border with Turkey to limit the supplies of weapons and ammunition 
reaching rebel forces, according to Syrian opposition officials.

“Not one bullet enters Syria without US approval,” one official 
complained in Istanbul. “The Americans want the [rebellion] to continue, 
but they are not allowing enough supplies in to make the Damascus regime 

Details of the CIA’s policing activities offer a rare insight into the 
complex struggle for regional advantage that is rapidly developing at 
the margins of the Syrian civil war. Conducted mostly by clandestine 
agents from America, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran, the 
conflict has turned Turkey’s rugged border provinces into a hotbed of 
arms dealers, spies and would-be fighters.

Over the past 10 months, a Syrian opposition official told The Sunday 
Times, the CIA has blocked shipments of heavy anti-tank and 
anti-aircraft weapons, which rebel units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) 
have long described as vital to their efforts to overthrow President 
Bashar al-Assad’s regime.


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