[Marxism] Chavez wins poll, days after largest-ever march

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 23:32:46 MDT 2012

Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez has won the October 7
Venezuelan elections with over 54.44% of the vote against 45% of the vote
for right-wing opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. The National
Electoral Council's Tibisay Lucena announced more than 80% of the
19,119,809 registered voters in Venezuela participated in the election.

Venezuela Analysis reported <http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/7331> just
after the results were announced: "Fireworks are already going off in the
centre of the Andean city of Merida, and a massive crowd of Chavez
supporters have begun celebrating in front of the presidential palace,
Miraflores, in Caracas."

Chavez ran on a detailed 39-page platform to deepen the Bolivarian
revolution <http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/7091> his government is
leading, which has significantly reduced poverty. The platform for the next
six-year presidential term, widely debated in popular organisations across
Venezuela, details plans <http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/52430#>for a
radical transition towards socialism.

Venezuela Analysis <http://venezuelanalysis.com/> is providing more
detailed information <http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/52430#> on the
outcome and its significance.

The poll came three days after more than 3 million people took over the
streets of Caracas in a huge show of support for Chavez and his socialist
platform. Below, Venezuela Analysis's Rachael Boothroyd reports from
caracas on the huge demonstration.


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