[Marxism] Am I a Jew?

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It may, as Louis says, be a metaphysical question or a question that leads to the question "Why is this a question?" but the fact is that the question seems to be freqeuntly asked. And the question that raises is what we have to ask such questions, regardless of ethnicity or religious upbringing. Why does the question mean so much to us. Or so much that others are concerned with it to the degree that we ask it?
Now, Ross' comments in the article were quite good and reflective. But without reaching any social or historical context - at least in the "Six Questions" sections of the article. But what would he make of kautsky's "Are the Jews?A Race?" Or for that matter, what would anyone on this list think of that work, granted it was written in the twenties and a lot has happened since then - Holocaust, war, Israel, etc.?

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> The meta-question, of course, is whether any of these questions is worth 
> asking, or even intelligible. 
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