[Marxism] Chavez re-elected

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 20:36:30 MDT 2012

Actually, the vote for Chavez is even higher -- that initial I quoted was
not with all votes counted.

Venezuela Analysis says: "With 96.7% of votes totaled, Chavez has won
8,044,106 votes (55.11%), to Capriles’ 6,461,612 (44.27%), widening his
victory to almost 11%, greater than announced in the National Electoral
Council’s (CNE) first bulletin results on Sunday night."

That is about 600,000 more votes than Chavez received in 2006. The
opposition vote is also higher than in the states I quoted, at 6.4 million,
but that is less of a rise. The margin is around 11% difference. The rise
in opposition votes is very marked, and a much larger rise than enjoyed by
Chavez. But it is also true more people have voted than ever before -- and
the platform he ran on was more radical than ever before.

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