[Marxism] Am I a Jew?

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Mon Oct 8 21:58:19 MDT 2012

Am I a Jew. 
Wonderful timing at least for context of posts re  indigenous  (iPhone wants to change to "indigent")people's  Day coming up when I always dig out my claims to native ancestors no one in my family accept. And the online exchanges triggered by  Shulamith Firestone's (Dialectics of sex) death among women, discovering most, like Shulie, were more Jewish than they manifested.   'tho my claim to being Jewish is about as good as to being native American, I've been more claimed by Jewish friends than native Americans:  "you're a Texan you're an intellectual. You're Jewish" later "you're white, you live in Brooklyn. You're Jewish.

I seem to have read that just as many Texans have been claiming their hidden Jewish roots, researchers are discovering many Muslims' ancestors were Jews. 

 If Columbus wasn't, certainly some Canary Island founders of San Antonio and for sure  Sor Juana's grandfather were both Jewish and Muslim, at least they brought books in Hebrew and Arabic.   And who do we thank for preserving and translating the remnants of Aztec and Mayan literature?  

Immigrants gone native, Natives emigrating. We are all Jews, Im not the first to have said, with a tinge of pride and daring.  I don't feel that way about Zionists, not anymore, tho I did.  I don't remember when I stopped.  I've been a Jew since the first time I was informed I aint nothin' but a commie n....,lovin' one.  

On Oct 8, 2012, at 7:00 PM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

Theodore Ross is a very interesting guy. He wrote a fascinating article on "crypto" Jews in New Mexico that I highly recommend.
> http://harpers.org/archive/2009/12/0082757
> This might be behind a paywall. If so, I can send a copy on request.
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