[Marxism] Chavez re-elected

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 03:06:21 MDT 2012

Well, the problem with seeking to make a decisive assessment by means of
"wage/capital" share etc, is it misses that the question is one of a mass
movement seeking to break capital's power. (And in a context where the key
beneficiaries are the mass of urban poor and other sectors whose benefits
are measured in "social wage" type gains... wage/capital breakdown cannot,
for instance, take into consideration the provision of heavily discounted
food through nationalised food distribution networks, extension and defence
of which has involved a wide number of nationalisaitons and seizures of
hoarded goods etc etc).

The key thing is dynamic of mass struggle for power. Here, it has to be
said, the best succint thing I have read on this for some time (without
agreeing with every bit of it, but I'll leave discussion of points raised
in it to another time) is Richard Seymour's nuanced and insightful comment


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