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On 10/10/12 8:23 AM, Greg McDonald wrote:
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>> http://www.isj.org.uk/index.php4?id=860&issue=136
> "Even Cuba’s celebrated health and education systems aren’t all they
> are cracked up to be. The university system has been thrown into chaos
> by Castro’s policies. And while Cuban doctors provide the backbone of
> the island’s diplomacy, they haven’t been able to stop patients
> freezing to death in substandard hospital buildings."
> Freezing to death? In Cuba? I've heard of the "cold war", but geez.
> G.

Here's the origin of that story:


Monday, January 18, 2010
Castrocare: Freezing to death in Havana

The Associated Press reported: "26 patients at Cuba's largest hospital
for the mentally ill died this week during a cold snap, the government
said Friday."

As John Stossel pointed out: "Michael Moore, in his movie Sicko, lauds
Cuban health care. Everyone gets free treatment. Too bad Americans have
to pay and suffer. Of course, many socialist systems offer free
treatment. I wonder if it's worth what they pay for it."

As the Associated Press report noted: "Communist Cuba provides free
health care to all its citizens but, though the quality of its medical
system is celebrated in leftist circles around Latin America, it is also
plagued by shortages. Patients are expected to bring their own sheets
and towels and sometimes their own food during hospital stays."

But we are glossing over the real icky part of this: The state decides
who is mentally ill. The Soviets and just about every other totalitarian
government decided that political opponents are mentally ill.

The Associated Press report in full:

HAVANA — Twenty-six patients at Cuba's largest hospital for the mentally
ill died this week during a cold snap, the government said Friday.

Human rights leaders cited negligence and a lack of resources as factors
in the deaths, and the Health Ministry launched an investigation that it
said could lead to criminal proceedings.

A Health Ministry communique read on state television blamed "prolonged
low temperatures that fell to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (4 Celsius) in
Boyeros," the neighborhood where Havana's Psychiatric Hospital is located.

It said most of the deaths were from natural causes such as old age,
respiratory infections and complications from chronic diseases including
cancer and cardiovascular problems.



Here's an article on Cuban mental hospitals that does not come from 
Farber's grocery store checkout tabloid style of scholarship:


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