[Marxism] Kucinich at the Benghazi hearing today

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 10 15:11:03 MDT 2012

At 14:53 10-10-12 -0500, you wrote:

This liberal states exactly where he is coming from, defending the national
interests, and goes on the predictable attack (basically a cheap-shot)
against Al-Qaida and (ditto) how the intervention in Libya ushered in all
the Islamic fundamentalists. Candidly, I would admit that he makes some
valid points ;-) but what's sad is that there are leftists who get into
similar hysterics against Jihadis and "terrorism" which flows into
opposition to the Syrian revolution and the entire Arab spring. That's sad.

But what I was happy to hear in that video is that there are an estimated
10 - 20,000 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles missing in Libya, which
the Syrians are just dying for, if you will. It must be the CIA patrols at
the Turkish border we read about that are stopping any such shipments.

- Jeff

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