[Marxism] Gandhi and Bhagat Singh

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 13 18:51:47 MDT 2012

On 10/13/12 8:47 PM, Philip Ferguson wrote:
> Nothing I said indicated that I am opposed in principle to hunger strikes.
> I've very strongly supported a number of them at different times in my
> political activity - eg 1981 Irish hunger strike, the recent Palestinian
> prisoners' hunger strike and hunger strikes by Turkish prisoners.  But
> these folks are liberation fighters, not Gandhian practitioners.
> Here's something about the relationship of Bhagat Singh and Gandhi:

One of my more memorable moments in my last months at Columbia was going 
over to the library with Harpreet Singh Wahan, a fellow programmer, and 
his daughter who was doing a term paper on Bhagat Singh. When I find the 
time (god, I never thought I'd find myself saying this after 
retirement), I want to do a Vimeo documentary on the Sikhs. Harpreet is 
a long-time activist.

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